The Art of Believing and Letting Go

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Ask, Believe, Let Go, Receive’- Mastin Kipp, The Daily Love

Believing and letting go are both struggles for me, I try but I have this little me on my right shoulder saying ‘do it, say it now!’ and then I have the other little me saying ‘no wait, not yet, you’ll only get burnt’.

I regularly have these battles going on in my head and normally at the end of it I am still unsure of what I should be doing.

But herein lies the problem, I get so caught up with what I should be doing that I forget to actually be myself and go with the flow.

Being the Co-Creator

According to Mastin Kipp, Founder of The Daily Love, he believes that we are the co-creators of our lives so we only have to worry 49% on how our life turns out, whereas the other 51% is up to the Universe.

Whether you believe in God, the Universe or any other ‘being’ in this world (or not at all) Mastin believes that you only need to put in some of the work, whilst the rest will come along when it’s needed.

So we can all breathe a sigh of relief?

Sadly its’ not that easy, well not for some of us.  However, I’ve come up with a plan to try to make life a little bit easier using Mastin’s brilliant advice.

Using these few steps:

Let yourself off the hook

This can be difficult if you are always, like me, trying to control everything.  Here is where I normally meditate, but if you aren’t into that it’s always a good idea to take some time out.  Like a walk in nature somewhere, along the beach, in the countryside or just sitting on the lawn for a few minutes.

This is the time to re-energize, focus on what is important to you and remembering that you only have a limited amount of energy in the day to do things.  It’s time here to let yourself off the hook and just be, if you know how to do it that is (which is why I meditate as it gets you back to you).

Leave room for connection

This is so important because it ultimately comes down to connecting with those who are important to you. Those who make you feel good for just being you and those who accept you just as you are.

Take time out to connect, talk about your life, the future and what’s going on around you.

Connection is so important, especially in person, because in this day and age with texting and social media we seem to forget how to communicate and really discuss from our hearts.  Personally I love this kind of interaction, whether it is with friends, loved one’s or strangers I’ve only just met.  These connections inspire me to write and can often provide me with passion and purpose in life so I’d definitely recommend it.

Letting go

When you know that half of the work isn’t up to you, you can afford to let go a little.  It provides you with the area of work you need to focus on, but doesn’t work you to the bone so you have little else for play, love or connection.

Let go a little, let the universe give you what you need (not always what you want) and accept that is what is meant to be.

As long as you Ask, Believe, Act, Let Go and Believe – Yep in that order!

Would love to know how this is going for you so do comment at let me know.

As always, have a great day and remember you are perfect just the way you are.

Lots of Love

Me x









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