Be glad of the past…..

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What makes us so fearsome in life?

Is it something our parents have taught us or is it something we pick up along the way through childhood, school and so forth?

So many of us are fearsome of making that next  move because we don’t know the outcome or what lies ahead if we do.   Isn’t that just sad?

We miss out on so much when we are afraid.  People we might meet, experiences we might face or conversations we may never ever have.  I could not imagine a world of constant fear and I am so thankful to my mother for my view on life because I am sure I must get it from her.

It’s funny how when you have a conversation with someone new that you reflect on all the things you have done and you suddenly realise how much you have achieved in your life.  I guess you never really acknowledge it as you go along.

Last night I was discussing things I have achieved in my life so far and I came away pretty darn proud of myself.   I’ve traveled to countries on my own, spoken and met up with people I’ve hardly known just so I can grab a taste of their lives and I’ve worked in so many different jobs that I’ve got experience of almost every type of career going.

Some would say I am a serial risk taker, others would say I am just a mixed up fool or doesn’t know what she wants.  I’d take the first and even if I thought I was the second, who cares?  I don’t know all the answers but I will give it a damn good try at finding out.

When you assess what you have done, it makes you stronger when you make decisions in the present day.   For me it gives me the confidence and determination to move through my life with strength and ease.    I understand that the decisions I make can never be the wrong ones, because each one brings me to a new door and even if that door is something that makes me feel uncomfortable or foolish it is still helping me grown and be the person i am meant to be.

The aim here is to keep opening those doors, walking through and dealing with what lies ahead.   Not standing in front of the door and never opening it.   There is truly nothing in this world to be afraid of, because someone or something has got your back whether you are spiritual or not.

Believing this and reminding yourself of this daily is important.   I’ll do this everyday and thank my lucky stars for what I have now and be glad of what is to come.

So stand up for yourself if you want a better life.   You deserve this 100%, do it for you and the rest will follow.

Believe me………

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