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What makes you smile?

I mean really REALLY smile?  That inside your heart, biggest ever, teeth bearing gorgeous smile of yours?

THAT my friend is what makes you tick.

I believe this.   Shall I tell you why?

For me it’s meeting people, connecting with someone for the first time and sharing something unique between us both.  That person can be a stranger, someone I know or someone I have known from a distance but never had the guts to actually open my mouth to speak to.

THAT is what makes me smile.  The chance in that very moment to make an impact, to make someones day and to make a difference.  It might just be for  a few moments, but it matters.

This  is at the very core of PaulasWork – that connection.  And If I can connect people to other people from all walks of life then all will be well in this world.

We are ALL the same, we have worries, problems, happy times and sad times, each and every one of us.  If we try to remember this, we can stop for a second think before we shout, abuse or treat someone badly.   Instead we can listen, understand and connect.  This will make the difference.

It’s simple really.

I’d love to hear your thoughts today.  What makes you connect with people? What do you love? What gives you the biggest smile?

Come one……….tell me….

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23 thoughts on “Join the dots..

  1. Paula – I connect with people out of curiosity. I am intensely curious about people and the secret question that I want to ask everyone is “If you could do anything with your life, what would it be?” Sometimes I ask people this question and I always get a fascinating response. More importantly, I get to make a real connection with someone. I also love to connect people with other people. Almost nothing gives me more joy than connecting people who can help each other. This makes me smile!

  2. I’m pitiful at connections. I mean to connect, but I am so easily distracted. Maybe I am focusing on some mental challenge — the meaning of a word, why someone is wearing red and orange, or some other silly thing. I don’t ignore people I see. I just don’t see them. Thanks for suggesting I open my eyes.

    • Hey Katherine, I used to be like that but since I have started to meditate and since Tommy came along I see a lot more….

  3. It’s hard for me to connect with people when there is superficial conversation going on. I don’t do small talk well. Though it is easy for me to introduce myself and meet new people. But then I can’t figure out what to ask people to keep the conversation flowing. Some people are just so good at that, and I’m not one of them. There should be classes for people like me, LOL. Or maybe you could write a blog post on the topic?

    One thing I’m good at is being funny, and one thing that I love is to get people to laugh. I make off-the-cuff comments on the absurdity of situations or life in general. And it makes my day when I can get people to laugh.

    • Oh humor is always a great way to connect! Keep that up Susan definitely! Hey i think I do think we worry too much on what we are going to say. Just be you. You don’t always have to talk to make a connection 🙂

  4. Great short post! Just makes you happy to think about smiling! Sometimes I smile consciously without a reason and the good mood just follows. But what makes me smile most is when I take a step back and just appreciate how beautiful life is all around me. Children laughing, the sun shining, couples talking…

  5. That’s wonderful that connecting with people makes you smile Paula! 🙂 I enjoy connecting with people too, but one of the things that really lights me up is being creative. I enjoy making things from scratch and working on exciting new projects I’m passionate about.

  6. I’m a natural-born connector too! It seems every time I meet someone and hear about what they’re up to, I’m immediately thinking of the people I know who could help them move forward in some way.

    What I really love, though, is helping people see possibility and opportunity where they believed there wasn’t any, and giving them the tools, resources, and inspiration to take action on that possibility.

  7. YOUR POST MAKES ME SMILE. :0 🙂 🙂 There are so many smiley faces in the comments by the way, which means you’ve succeeded in making a bunch of people “virtually smile,” and connect with each-other through smiling. Paula, your never-ending optimism, positivity and the brightness of your work on this blog really makes me smile. We really do need more people like you to brighten up the world.

  8. I am not usually a “connector”, I am an introvert by nature. But I am trying to reach out more, and I do find that it makes me smile and fulfills something in my life. What connects me to people is usually some sort of similarity, something we’ve been through together or parts of our lives are similar. I do play MMOs and somehow it’s easy for me to connect to players in game, it’s harder in person for me. BUT I can’t let my own insecurities hold me back and I need to step out of my comfort zone! Connecting with others are rewarding and enriches everyone’s lives. Thank you for reminding me that I need to do that more!

  9. Hey Paula. Nice simple reminder to just smile. I like connecting with new people all the time. I’m drawn to others who share similar interests of seeing through the screens of whats possible in the world. I really find it easy to connect with people online but face to face is a different story. I have a bad case of social anxiety, but I’m working on it.

    • Yeah we need that reminder Justin. Hey don’t fret, we all get that and it’s good you are working on it 🙂

  10. Hey Paula, what makes me smile the most is watching people show compassion to help others in need. I also love connecting to people who are grateful for what they have, and willing to do what it takes to give love unconditionally : ) Nice one Paula.

  11. Hi Paula, I smile when I see people showing compassion to help others in need. I also love connecting to people who are always willing to give love unconditionally. Nice one Paula : )

  12. mmmm connection- something we all crave! What really lights me up is working together with somebody on something- preferably something in which we are both going to be a little uncomfortable at some point, because it gives such an opportunity to encourage and grow together. Partner workouts, project collaborations, deep conversations– all of these totally light me up! You’re right- it IS simple, and we all need that reminder!

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