Blown off course..

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Distractions for me are a bad thing, as for many I can imagine, especially when I am feeling a tad bit un-motivated.

I am not just talking about the T.V or other mindless activities.   I’m talking about distractions that are important to you, like family, relationships and so on.

For me I have two main ones, one being my social life (which by the way is fairly non-existent at the moment) and love life.   The thing is here, I know what I am like especially when self-doubt begins to set in and something seemingly more ‘exciting’ comes along.

I get distracted VERY easily, which is why I am writing this post today.  I am determined not to let outside ‘things’ waylay me this time, by being honest with myself and with you.

Previously I’ve had a goal in my sights.  I start off being extremely motivated and raring to go, I work all hours, get up early and work tirelessly.  BUT, after a few weeks, even months I start to slow down and I’ve finally worked out why this is!

It’s because I have a tendency to want things now and if I can’t get them straight away self-doubt creeps in and then the distractions appear. It’s like a test.

Back in the day, I would have let the distractions carry me through to another path and normally they would take me in totally the wrong direction. I’d start to feel uneasy, become depressed and finally, after some time, I’d walk away.

This is why I am where I am now.  I honestly believe that my drifting from one thing to another, be that jobs, relationships, moving homes (the list is endless), is the product of my self-doubt and easily distracted mind.   The fear that because things weren’t happening straight away, that there must be something wrong with me or what I am doing,  I would look to outside things to give me temporary happiness.

Finally I feel I’ve cracked it!  Right now I am going through that ‘distraction’ phase and for the first time in my life I know that if I don’t follow this path I am on I will NEVER be happy.   If I don’t learn to look after me and my happiness then nothing else will make me content with my life.  It’s like a big light bulb has just popped on in my head and I feel the best I’ve ever felt!

I want this so badly that I will refuse to let distractions, such as a new love interest (which is my worst distraction), a new job or anything else that happens to come along, take me off course.

So if you get easily distracted, tell me why and when, because we all get waylaid by different things.

It’s time to look out for you and not what others want and to remind yourself why you are on this journey, because after all your happiness is what makes other people happy. Don’t forget that.

For me I have one thing to say:

“This ship, baby, is heading in one direction and I don’t care what comes along it’s staying on course.  Damn it!”

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25 thoughts on “Blown off course..

  1. Paula, I can definitely relate. I am very easily distracted and most of the time, these distractions pull me away from what I know is my true path. It doesn’t matter if my whole heart is into what I’m doing, my mind starts to wander and look for something else, something more here and now. I know the path I’m on is the one I want to follow, yet I feel as if I’m pulled in a million different directions. A lot of it has to do with over analyzing what I’m working on and thinking I should be working on something else, but I also think it goes deeper than what is inside of me. There seems to be a sort of conditioning that we’ve all been acclimated to by our environment. Always looking for the next best thing, an easier way to do something, a new distraction to sway us from our paths, new desires that need filling, etc. For me, it’s learning to just complete something I’m working on, even if it feels something better has come to my mind. If I listened to my mind every time I thought of a different direction I could take, I’d never get anywhere.

    • I can resonate completely Justin, thank you for your openness in your reply – very much appreciate it. I too have that old thinking ‘oh i should be doing this now shouldn’t it?’ and then go off somewhere else…. got to stay focused and finish stuff before moving on. Thanks again lets hope we both work on this successfully – although I have a feeling it will be work in progress for a long time!

  2. Who doesn’t get distracted easily? 🙂 I recently had an epiphany. After quitting my job and working full-time on my app business with someone I love (my brother) I went from hardly being able to concentrate to working in focus mode for hours at a time… I guess distraction is a natural part of life, but you can try to avoid by doing things you love (as many others have said before me ;-))

    • Oh yes, I agree with you on that point. Its good to know I am not alone, I sometimes think I am the only one who gets distracted! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  3. Oh I am always distracted. I have way too many interests and ideas and can never stick with one. They all seem so great, and I know if I stick to any of them, they’d be a great thing, but then I get bored and quit and nothing happens, then over time I look back and see all these things I started or wanted to start and never finish anything! It feels horrible!

    I a trying right now to stick to two or three main things that will be beneficial to me in the long run, even if I get bored and we shall see how this goes for me lol 🙂

  4. Oh I am always distracted. I have way too many interests and ideas and can never stick with one. They all seem so great, and I know if I stick to any of them, they’d be a great thing, but then I get bored and quit and nothing happens, then over time I look back and see all these things I started or wanted to start and never finish anything! It feels horrible!

    I a trying right now to stick to two or three main things that will be beneficial to me in the long run, even if I get bored and we shall see how this goes for me lol 🙂

  5. Our whole modern culture is built around distraction – Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia – just the online distractions are enough to keep us from getting anything done. I find that I do better if I can stay away from the computer, but then I do need to check in every day to at least read my email, which leads me on endless loops through the wonders of the internet. Not to mention family and household chores that need to be done every day! I find that slowing down and doing things mindfully really helps, and adding some sitting meditation each day is the best thing I can do to sort out what I really need to be working on.

  6. Our whole modern culture is built on distraction. I find that if once I’m online to read my email, I do several tours of the internet over the next few hours, stopping at Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, and other sites several times. I do much better if when I can stay away from the computer, but some things have to be done here. Other distractions include my family and the household chores that keep needing to be done. It helps me to slow down and work mindfully, no matter what I’m working on. Also, daily meditation practice has done wonders for keeping my thoughts from running me in circles, and staying clear on what’s important. Great article! Thanks!

  7. Hey Paula, I agree. Its so easy to get distracted with the things that surround us. I find it best to work during the morning times when nobody is up and around. Also what I do is decide upon what websites and tools best suit the task ahead and ensure that anything else that is presented to me is placed aside for a time slot where I am more flexible to give it attention. For example I tend to read my emails very briefly for a few minutes when I come home from work and then jump back onto the ones I want to reply to after I have completed the main task (or eaten the frog for the day). Its a good habit to have and certainly helps me to keep going with less distraction. Nice one Paula 🙂

    • Hey Paul, brilliant tips. OK I am going to start using them. It is emails and social media that distracts me alot of the time too! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  8. Paula I think you should focus on one main thing – You MUST create habits and rituals that will dictate your activities and create auto pilot focus on the things that will move you forward.

    When you stated that you feel really good right now because you are in a great place because of your realization of self sabotage, that really struck me because I know that feeling. It is awesome that you are going in the right direction, but I know that this feeling will fade too just like the other things that you have let go of. When this happens, you will be right back in the same boat looking for another shiny new thing to bring you back to that good feeling place.

    You should establish the habits now that you can automatically run with when your epiphany has worn off. This is what I have done, and I am seeing great results.

  9. haha, this sounds like the story of my life as well. It’s funny how the most exciting things can often be the ones we let ourselves get distracted away from! It sounds like you are definitely headed in the right direction, and like Brooklyn I definitely encourage creating rituals and habits that will sustain you through on the days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all! Whenever I find myself in a particularly ridiculous distraction cycle, I like to take a minute, close my eyes, breathe, and just ask, “what would be the best thing for me right now”, wait for an answer, then go do that. It’s not bulletproof, but it’s a good interrupter!

    • Thanks Kate for the advice, totally taken this on board. I have even started meditation to centre myself! Its good to know that everyone else is like me 🙂

  10. I find it so easy to get distracted too so I can totally relate to what you’re going through! Once the initial excitement and burst of energy fades with a new project, and not much progress has been made it’s easy to feel like giving up! I think this is the tipping point, where the people who find success with the thing you are doing keep going and all the others fall off.

    Blogging, like a lot of other things in life, is something that attracts many many people. There’s only a few really making a life of it though, and they are the ones that pushed through these moments you’re talking about and just did the work anyway! I know you can do this Paula!!

    • Thanks Michaela! Yep it’s that time when you aren’t sure that you have to keep going! Am usually the one who gives up! Appreciate your response – love it in fact! 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing so honestly! I think that everyone experiences a battle with distractions every single day. Distractions take many forms but they all seem to have one thing in common. They take us further from our creativity and doing our greatest work. I’ve faced so many distractions over the years I can hardly keep track: TV, web-surfing, email addiction, gossip, sugar, compulsive screwing-up, self-created drama, staying up too late, feeling sorry for myself and many more.

    The only thing that has allowed me to overcome distractions consistently is to limit the number of things that I work on at any given time (usually no more than two or three) and wake up every day and get the most important thing done first. No email, no phone, no Facebook, no anything distracting until my most important task of the day is completed. Period!

    Thanks shedding light on such an important topic. I have a feeling your distraction days are limited! 🙂

    • Yeah me too! I have had such good feedback on this post and yours included! You know one thing that’s encouraging at least I am distracted by good things rather than outside sources i.e alcohol or drugs! got to keep pushing through – learning so much right now. Thank you 🙂

  12. Man, this is the story of my life. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed because of distractions. And this is not only my problem but my husband’s as well. Since we’re running a business together, and we have to manage our own time- it is especially difficult! Sometimes I look over his shoulder to see if he’s being distracted by something and he does the same for me. It is most difficult when I’ve realized hours went by and I went down the rabbit hole with my distraction… but in the end, the thing that keeps me focused is the fact that I need this. I need this to be happy and free. I refuse to go back to my old way of living, working for others, and having a 9-5. Since I’ve quit my job, managing distractions seems to be one of the big things we have to do. In this day and age, there are soooo many!!!! I like what you said though- this thing you’re doing, this passion you’re working on- this is your distraction- but it’s a good one, and a permanent one! Let’s stay focused on the “distractions” that we really care about until they become the main thing!

    • You hear me Jesicka totally! Its great that we are thinking the same and doing the same. Our mastermind group will help with this too. We WILL do this!

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