What gets you up?

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The mornings are everything to me,  they represent a fresh start, a chance to put my life back into perspective and re-align myself.

I usually rise around 6 am (sometimes earlier).  I suppose I am lucky as I am a morning person.  You see my brain is much more active at this time.

The first thing I do when I awake is sit and think about my dreams and goals.  I focus on how they make me feel inside and why I keep pushing myself to achieve them.

You see my life, and what I want to do with it, is so important to me.  Without a sense of purpose in what I do I am a lost child, going round and round in circles waiting to be found.   I am passionate, inspired and motivated by this purpose and I will work all hours to get there.  I don’t care that I hardly see anyone, because this is what I want more than anything, I will risk a few years of this solitude for 40 years down the line working and living how I want to live.  Fair swap I’d say.

For some people I know that getting up is hard work, not just for a job you hate but just getting up in general.   Perhaps its the late night last night, the dark mornings or you just love your bed so much!

That’s fine, completely understand.  Except I believe that when you wake an hour earlier you set your day up just right. You are ready to take on whatever needs to be done and get it done!

For me this is easy I have a reason and a damn good one at that.  I will get up early ever day to ensure that a) my dog has his hours walk and b) my dreams will be met.   And I’d be lying if on a Monday morning I don’t feel like getting up, but I still do.  Because if I stay there and worry or fret about the new week or lie around because I want another hour in bed, I know I just wont have started the day off the best way I can.

So ask yourself, what gets you up every day? If its something not very pleasant or because you ‘have’ to get up, then perhaps choose today to get up for something you want to get up for.  Maybe it’s a nice delicious breakfast, a book you just love to read, or is it that dream you are working on and you won’t stop till you get there?

Make it something that lights you up inside and I promise you, you will look at your mornings differently.

This is your life, your time – don’t waste a single bit of it.


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