The F word..

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When I was growing up if I heard the word ‘faith’ I thought it was a word synonymous with religion and church.  I guess it is a big part of that, however it doesn’t have to be used in that context at all.

Let me explain.

Faith I believe is about trust, but more importantly it is the ability to let go and surrender to what will be.

Remember when you were a child, you never questioned things, you just took things as they were right? Controlling circumstances or people just didn’t happen, you were happy to enjoy each day for what it contained.

Faith has a child-like feel to it and I think perhaps that’s why we no longer believe in it or use it.  It’s like now we are all grown up we can use money, influence or drink/drugs to control our lives. Oh how wrong we are.

There is power in having faith.  It’s the willingness to believe that what will be in our lives, will just be if it’s meant for us.  There is a freedom to faith like no other and the more you use it the freer you are.

I used to have a partner who used to say I had my ‘head in the clouds’ that ‘I needed to get back to reality’.   I realised that was his own issues, but it pushed me more and more into faith because I knew I could not live like him – with no faith at all.

You see life for him was a struggle and he had been brought up that way, that if you didn’t think like him, you simply ‘weren’t living on this planet’, I believe he is wrong.

Life can be hard and you can have struggles but if you give up and live your live your life by this, then how the hell is your life ever going to get better? Or are you simply happier being miserable, envious, jealous and bitter?

My faith is pushing me forward to a life I LOVE, I am nearly there but I still have a few things to do first.  I will admit I do have doubtful moments, but I remember where I have been and where I am now and am a hundred times happier than I was 2, 3 years ago.

I have this unwavering belief that I was brought into this world to fulfil a purpose and there is no stopping me from fulfilling it and more.   I am meeting people from all over the world, albeit online (for now) and doing things I would never have believed 3 years ago!

There has been a shift inside of me and it’s called faith.  Faith that my life is going to be brilliant (it is already but you know what I mean), I am going to inspire others to do the same and so much more.  You see life has no limits, not even around money.

So how will you live today?

With fear or faith?


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