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Why is it that we struggle with being different to each other?   It really baffles me and I’ll admit that it can annoy the cr*p out of me too.

Growing up as a kid and at school I hated bullying of any kind, the gangs, the popular kids all hanging out together and the sad divisions between groups of kids.

It makes you wonder, where does all this come from?  Why are we so cruel to each other even from as young as 8.  As adults we  still treat each other as we did as children.  Judging, fighting and vocalising our distaste of what someone wears, what they eat and how they live their lives.

I want to shout out ‘what the hell has it got to do with you?’ but I don’t.

I think the worst of it is that we are all trying to be the same.  Wear the same things, look the same, weigh the same, drive the same car, do the same jobs, have kids, settle down and then die.  I’m not saying that this is bad I just feel that as we get older we just seem to fit in more, with little or no effort to change, think for ourselves or put ourselves out there.

We have  a fear of being picked on again, just like those days at school.  You know the kid who always put their hand up in class the one who didn’t have the perfect body or face (who decides this?) and the one who doesn’t quite fit into the little gang of school favorites.

I’ll tell you what though I’d rather be that kid.

It makes me laugh when I think of the ‘popular’ kids at school, where have they gone? What are they doing? I suspect nothing out of the ordinary – they might have it all what do I know?.  You see it wasn’t their fault they were ‘chosen’ they just fitted into some ideology made up from somewhere.

As we grow we struggle with who we are, what we are meant to be, who we are meant to be.  we forget to be just who we are and be at peace with that.

I love it when I see someone go it alone, stick their head out of the sand and stand up for something because they believe in it.  Whether I agree with them or not, I am awestruck by their guts, determination and power.

Standing out of the crowd is a powerful thing and we all have that power inside of us.  I know I have that and I am determined to help others find their own power too.  It makes you feel good, happy and you feel like you can make a difference, as long as it is used with love in mind.

I say stand up today.  Stand up for your life, your family and make your life count.

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