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It really is so easy to be swayed by another person’s opinion of you and what you are setting out to achieve, when you don’t have a great belief system inside.

Take it from me, I’ve been pushed from pillar to post over the years.  Taking that job or career move because ‘other people’ will think better of me or always saying yes, when it’s SCREAMING inside of me to say NO!

I’ve come to the conclusion that when you let other’s dictate what road to take or what dream to follow, you are living in fear.  Fear of what might be, fear of getting it wrong or fear of your world coming crashing down all around you.

The funny thing is FEAR is the big ‘red light’  stopping us from putting  life into gear, signalling, mirroring ,manoeuvring out and driving far far away from that tight, conditioned, predictable spot we call our lives.

Seriously though, for me, I am extremely scared of not following my dreams and never taking a risk or two to get me there.  Being absolutely petrified of staying put and never experiencing the life that I want is the fear i have and I am glad of it.

Life is to experience fear and let it go through you, yeah it’s there, it’s in all of us.  However, it’s what you do with it and whether you decide to use it to drive you forward that counts.   Ask yourself this. Do you want a happier and contented life or a life that you are chained to?   Surely you don’t want to be watching other’s living that life wishing it where you, do you?

The life you want is there, in the pit of your stomach.  You know its there because it will niggle at you until you listen to it.

Ah yes that’s the one…..




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