One step back = 2 steps forward

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Today I had to make a decision.  A decision not taken lightly.   I have decided not travel out to France to see my friend Jo in August.

The reason being is due to my change in circumstances recently my ability to pay for it has somewhat changed.   It came to me that for me to travel to France, the expenses were just out of my reach, for now. Things like Tommy’s vet’s bills, car hire, ferry travel and so on, you get the picture?

Stress was  beginning to affect me which in turn made me realise that I had to come to terms with this fact.    I see that this decision is only a slight turn in the road, a diversion in fact and to not let it get me down.

Using this time to work on my finances, write, work on my business idea’s can only be a blessing rather than a failure.

I won’t lie and say I’m not disappointed, I am but what can I do?  I can’t control it.   However I can control how I deal with it and what my next move will be.

France is still on my agenda it’s just going to take a another route to get there first.


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