Will they ever learn?

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Over the last two decades I have worked for someone else.   During this time I have learnt that many business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and bosses have absolutely no idea how to treat their staff or indeed get the best out of them. It still saddens me how little these ‘professionals’ really know or understand about the people they employ and even more so that they don’t actually care.

In today’s society there is no such thing as security in a job or career anymore and more people are looking to go self-employed.  The main reasons are down to low wages, lack of respect and bad treatment by their current employers.  However, many people don’t follow their dreams due to lack of  money, other commitments and lack of belief in themselves.

But what if? And yeah I mean what if you had not a care in the world, what would you do? Would you stay in that dreary, mundane and thoroughly boring job? Would you continue working for someone else so they can fulfill their dreams?

I doubt it very much!

Most people say ‘oh when I win the lottery’ or ‘when I have enough money’ but think about it,  why do you have children? They are one of the most expensive things you will ever create in your life yet you don’t think about it twice do you?  So why isn’t it the same with your job?

I’ll tell you why, we are all conditioned to do the work for other people.  We are never encouraged at school to work for yourself or become a self-made millionaire are we?  It’s the same with university, you chose a course to do at degree level and it’s a specialism in law or something like that.  Where’s the degree in being an entrepreneur or a degree in following your passion and making money from that?  Nowhere that’s where!

It’s the same when you get your first job.  You are conditioned to do certain things, to work towards the same goals like everyone else and climb the ladder to success. But who for? OK it sounds like it’s for you but who benefit’s from it in the end? Yep you got it your boss, or the company you work for – funny that!

Now I am not saying ‘jack your job in and go do something you love’ although there is nothing wrong with that at all.  But what I don’t understand is why there are so many ‘wonderful’ companies out there who are extremely successful yet they still treat their staff badly and as if they don’t exist?

Employee’s make things happen, they work hard to ensure your business keeps going and they do it because they need to. But imagine if you had staff who did it because they LOVE working for you and because they see the bigger picture.  Imagine they wanted to work overtime to ensure certain projects were finished, or didn’t want to skive off work because they didn’t want to go a day without going work.  Just imagine eh?

Why can’t more employers see that this is possible? That success is because of their staff and the commitment that they put in, each and every day?

Imagine finding a job you love, for a company you love and a product you love to sell.   Now wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?

I keep thinking that I should be doing something along these lines, something for people who want to work for a company that they love, because there is still a need for this.  We still all need to have people working for us to help us reach our goals – so why not build something where these people can connect, explore and learn from?

There is a something in this that I feel passionate about, the treatment of other’s is important to me.  Because I have been treated badly, put upon and taken for granted but I’ve also  been treated with respect and felt that my work was important too. I’ve even loved my work – well sporadically!

You see when I have my own business, I will know exactly where my staff have come from. I will understand that work is important for many different reasons and that having a purposeful life is what we all want and need.    We should be working towards the same things, making our mark in this world and by doing work that is meaningful.  Why can’t we do this together?

I believe we have all been created to do something great, so why not help other’s to achieve this?

Why not indeed…..




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