Nerves of steel..

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I love J K Rowling. Her ‘story’ is one of totally determination, whilst suffering with depression, brilliance and uniqueness.

As a very humble and private person I am glad she did what she did and achieved what she has.   I do absolutely love it when people overcome their current circumstances and find greatness within.  The overpowering urge inside that tells you daily that you can achieve whatever you set yourself towards as long as you do not give up and do not let fear stand in your way.

J K’s first book was rejected so many times that I am sure she wanted to just give in, but it’s that time, the time when you want to give in that you must move forward. Which she did. And look where she is now. From a single mother living on the dole to an award winning author. Wow, just wow….. Inspiring is not a good enough word for this lady.  What a wonderful opportunity we have when there are people like that in this world.

I want to write a book, just like J K, with absolutely no experience behind me whatsoever.  Who can tell me what I can or cannot do? No one, only myself.

Who can tell you what to do? I think you know the answer deep down….

So what are you waiting for? Do you have the nerve?


2 thoughts on “Nerves of steel..

  1. I like the banner for this post! We all have the nerve, we just have to work up the desire. In JK’s case it was the desire to write, to try again and again, that led to something wonderful for all concerned. 🙂

    • Absolutely, couldn’t agree more. Most of us give up after a few knock backs (not included in that) especially when we’ve got our backs up against the wall. In J K’s case what did she have to lose? Nothing! Thanks for the post and yeah that banner inspired me.

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