Me worried? Never!

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It’s been a while since I’ve been out of the house for a social occasion but last night I ventured to a local wine bar with my closest friend for a catch up.

Karen and I (am sure she won’t mind me mentioning her name here) are very different.  Karen is a ‘homely’ kind of a girl, she has 2 lovely little boys, a great husband, a gorgeous home and a bear of a chocolate lab called Max.  I on the other hand don’t have any of those qualities other than my dog Tommy and he ain’t no bear!

Because of this difference I think we are perfectly matched as a friends.  Karen has her ways and I have mine and the best thing is that she lets me get on with my life and I with hers.

However, I learned last night that Karen is a little bit worried about plans to move and work abroad. Bless her heart.  Karen looks at things so differently to me as she is more of a practical thinker and likes to plan things down to the very last detail.  By no way is that a criticism at all, as Karen is very meticulous in everything she does which is why she is a great mother, wife, PA, cook and so the list goes on!

I however, am a fly by my the seat of my pants kind of girl.  I do things as required. I don’t tend to plan (but sometimes the need does require it) and I do tend to dream.  Some say I dream too much and live on a cloud, but I disagree.   I do want all that Karen has and I know that my time will come, in the meantime I don’t intend on worrying or fretting about it.  You see I have the freedom to do what I am doing as I only have myself (and Tommy  of course) to think about.  As long as I am not hurting anyone or letting anyone down in the process then I see nothing wrong with my dreams.

Karen asked me if the fact that I don’t know french is worrying me.  And you know what I’ve not thought about it until now and to be honest it doesn’t worry me.  Firstly I intend to learn whilst I am there and secondly if I worried about such things than where would I be?  You see I look at things in a way that a lot of people don’t.   And that is with faith.  I know that everything will work out and I have been blessed with this outlook for most of my life.  I’ve moved 100 times and never have I worried about money or how on earth will I do it.  I just knew I would be alright.

So Karen, I am not worried but I am glad that you worry cos it means you care.

Right.  Now where is that French phrase book again……….


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