Thinking waaaaaaay too much!

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So today, I have been thinking.  Thinking about thinking and why I think too much.

I think (see I’m doing it again!) it’s my desire to get things moving quickly and pressuring myself  to getting things done now. And if I don’t things might just crash and burn all around me and then I am left with the same old stuff.

But then I realise that won’t happen, that this pressure only makes the process harder and that I must relax.

Take a chill pill Paula and relax…….

Take a leaf out of Tommy’s book…..


Relax man….


2 thoughts on “Thinking waaaaaaay too much!

  1. You’ve changed your blog again (and your countdown!), and so like me, I am always thinking, it’s impossible to stop! 🙂

    • Yes,i need it to reflect me but finding it difficult…I will find the right one soon! Yes the countdown is for when I move to France! And Jo I feel your pain 🙂

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