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I had a light bulb moment this morning as I began my early morning writing ritual.

I’ve actually finally worked out the reason why I have never settled into a job or ‘career’ for longer than 3 years,  and it probably won’t surprise you to learn that it’s all down to me detesting being told what to do!

It is quite possibly that simple and I can’t believe I’ve not worked it out before.  Oh how wonderful it is to have finally come to my senses!

You see I don’t actually think any job or career choice has really ever made me excited, yes there have been moments where I have loved the jobs I have done and most definitely the people I have worked with.  But I think the most defining thing is that the positions where I have actually learnt something about me and what I enjoy is where I have worked with Entrepreneurs.

I have seen what it means to work really hard and do it because they want to do it.  I have seen my  manager (who was also the director) work long hours with limited resources and funding but never  gave up because the dream of working for himself had to be achieved.  The endless cups of coffee, cigarettes and bags under the eyes big enough to fill a weeks worth of shopping.

I didn’t see it at the time, but perhaps then I wasn’t ready I had other things on my mind like partying and boyfriends!

But I see it now.  I see that to make a life that makes you fulfilled and inspired you work hard at it.  You do things that no one else wants or is prepared to do. Like not going down the pub at the weekends or spending money on material things that don’t actually mean a damn thing.  Like becoming a recluse because all you focus on is getting there and making a difference.

I used to laugh at my boss at the time, he used to laugh with me.  But now I see it. I really really do and I have so much respect for him.

If you truly truly want something in your life you have to give up on the ‘stuff’ and put your heart and soul into your passion and what makes life worth living, proving a service to others.  And it doesn’t matter what that service is as long as you love it with your whole heart and are truly giving back.

I am still working on mine even if it means becoming a coffee-aholic!


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