56 Days…

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In 56 days Tommy and I will be setting off for France which is extremely exciting for a few reasons;

I have only ever been to France once and that was a miserable weekend with an ex boyfriend in Paris!  That is excluding the 2 or 3 times at about 18 years of age on a booze cruise to Cherbourg where we spend all of 2 hours in the supermarche!

Tommy has never left the country, well why should he have? He is a dog and I don’t think he has intentions, as far as I know, to pack his bags and travel the world!

And thirdly and most importantly not only am I visiting a dear friend of mine but because of her I am inspired and motivated to create a new life out there.

So there you have it. 56 days until this big adventure and although there are many things that scare the bejesus out of me because of this trip. Like driving to France, yep driving on the WRONG side of the road. Like trying to navigate on my own with no help from anyone else to get me there. Like hoping my car will get me there! The list is endless.  But if you know me (many of you don’t) I’d never let any of that stop me, in fact it’s more of a motivation than a delaying tactic.

My goal is to move out to France, quit my life in the UK set up my own business and live out in France on or before the 31st March 2014.

There I’ve said it, I’ve now announced it to you guys.  That is my intention and I am so inspired to do this. To create a new country life for me and Tommy, doing what I genuinely want to do which that is writing. I want to write a book – more on that later – walk the dog and live a simple life.

That is all.


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