Imagine getting paid to be me….now THAT’S an idea!

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Image As you know I am on a bit of a journey and it hasn’t been until now that I have begun to understand what that journey is about. A week or so ago I stumbled upon a website called Paid to Exist and found this blog post by Jason the founder of –  The 1 Reason Why You Will Never Quit Your Job. I reluctantly started reading, thinking there is more than 1 reason why people don’t quit their jobs, but nonetheless I persevered.

As I read, and read, and read I began to completely agree with what Jason was saying. He was telling his story, he had this overwhelming feeling inside that his 9-5 job or ‘career’ was just not enough for him anymore, he wanted life ‘on his own terms’. However, like many of us Jason had a few things in his life that was urging him to reconsider. They included:

  • Young family, dependent on me as “bread-winner”
  • Big house in the suburbs = big mortgage
  • Debt that we accumulated early on but were chipping away at
  • All savings invested in retirement plan
  • Limited extra time in the day to invest in building my dream
  • Early signs of an economy moving downward

I know as much as anyone that when you look at this it creates a great big gap between the dreams you have and what is in reality right now.  He goes on to say that because of this, his mind told him not to press on, that this was all such a massive risk and there was no way he could quit his job.

I am in this scenario although I am a lot more risk inclined than most!  But I have these wonderful dreams of living a life in the countryside, with my dog, writing and doing what I was created to do, but your mind drifts back to what is stopping you and then you remember it is only a thought.  One way or another you have to do it, and do it soon otherwise living in regret is the only option. Not for me I’m afraid.

Jason continues to tell his story and explains that after 6 months of deliberating and standing on the edge, he finally realises that he has to go for it, he has to jump.

So he did.  What a guy!

He then explains that everything turned very sour very quickly. He lost his home, car, got into a lot of debt and nearly lost his marriage.  But when he began to rebuild everything he realised that even through all of what happened, the biggest shock was the realisation that he had changed, his family had changed – they had grown wings and could now fly higher than ever before.  His family worked as a unit, together making stronger links and choices than ever before.

It all came from a spark (remember my ‘little squeak within?’).

Without that spark he wouldn’t have jumped and I can totally relate.  Jason’s scenario is different to mine but I intend to follow his lead, I fully intend to ‘jump’. And in doing so I have joined a group of people within a program call ‘Trailblazer’ recommended by Jason.  He works with Jonathan Mead the founder of Trailblazer and I am hugely inspired by what Jonathan has to say.  He wants to help me reclaim what I have to offer to the world and help me to ‘get paid to exist’ or ‘get paid to be me’.  It is about working out within the core of me what I really want to do, what I love to do and what I want to bring to the world.

I think I know what my passion is but I still need to explore it with Jonathan’s help and that will mean dedication, commitment and hard work. And this is all outside of my day job!  But I don’t care.  I am willing to do this, to work day/night and at weekends so that in 6 months from now I will have what I want – I just know it!

I totally recommend reading and signing up to his free webinar if you too want this; even if you aren’t sure it’s better to try something than stay stuck and miserable.  Who wants to work for a faceless company who doesn’t really give a damn about you and what your passions are?  I know I don’t, not any more.

So here begins my journey……wooohooooooo!


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