What I Want, not what i don’t want…

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I’ve got this list, well it’s not exactly a list but a A3 piece of paper with a few things scribbled on it.

Anyway this piece of paper has the things I want my life to look like, and I thought to make sure they happen (which they will) I would share them with you so I am held accountable…

They are in no specific order as each is important at the other:

  • To work from home, writing, and creating – working part-time
  • To write a book & for it to help others live their dreams – to inspire
  • A home in France with lots of land, chickens, veg & dogs
  • To have my mum nearby & buy her a home in France
  • To have Tommy with me in my life’s journey and for him to be happy
  • To work for myself & have my own company for writers – to help other’s achieve their writing dreams
  • To have my family nearby, see them often and to have enough money to support them
  • To live comfortably & be abundant in all things
  • To live a self-sustainable life
  • To have a family & children

I think that is about it really… this is my driving force for my life, this is me, this feels good 🙂


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