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Woke up at my usual, (well not lately, that is a bit of a fib), 5 am alarm and popped open my laptop to find this lovely little quote pop up on my home page…

ImageThis rang more than a few bells for me as I’ve gone down many a road thinking I were heading in the right direction.   This was mainly based on what I thought I should be doing rather than what I actually wanted to be doing.

Yes I have been a bit of a major risk taker in the past (I say that in a soft compassionate way), because I have chosen routes that a) don’t make much sense and b) were probably the last thing I should be doing!  But stuff that I will do them anyway!  I think I want to be ‘seen’ to be that adventurer, that person that would do stuff no matter what the consequence would be.  To be ‘seen’ as that go-getter,who took no prisoners!

Yep I am admitting this to you today, but I think most importantly I am admitting this to myself.  I was a bit silly to do some of them, (won’t go into detail now), but you know what? I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t now would I?

I wouldn’t be writing this blog and realising that writing brings me alive! (Yeah it does sound cheesy but ah shucks, I love CHEESE with a few grapes on the side!)   Plus I wouldn’t be on this journey of self-discovery, really looking deep inside and listening to what I really really want in life and that is to share, to inspire and to help other’s see that there is life outside of the 9-5 existence.  That there is life outside of ‘waiting for the weekends’, that you can do what you want to do and that fear is not real.

I could go on but that is another blog entry.   All I wanted to say is that no matter what direction you are going in now, you can stop and turn around.  Take it from me, it can be painful admitting you were wrong and a bit embarrassing.  But I’d rather admit that than be miserable and go along with the ‘crowd’.   I always was a bit of an odd one out at school and never wanted to be the popular girl!

For me the journey isn’t mapped out, it never has been, but I know it will be a good one and what is meant for me has always been meant for me I’ve just taken the longer route (with a few major road works) to get there.  I am still on it in fact!

See you at the next coffee stop….


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