Tommy in Training..

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So I’ve decided to book some one to one training sessions with a dog trainer for me and Tommy, I say ‘me and Tommy’ because it’s not just the dog who needs to learn what to do and behave!

I am using a little company based in Porchester and even though they may not be the most reputable training company, I don’t actually care.  This training is really to help me to feel a little more confident in what I am doing with Tommy and to ask advice.  You see I’ve not really had much help or support with regard to Tommy, I have felt very much alone so I thought this was the ideal time to just do it.   I will probably find out that some things I have done aren’t correct but that’s what it is all about, learning and getting better.

You see I want to do what’s right by Tommy, not to turn him into a show dog, but to do things in a way that makes him happy, safe and secure. This will in turn make me all of those things and more!

To be honest even if I could just chat to someone about him and get a few pointers I really don’t care, I just feel this will be a good step in the right direction.

I will report back on how it goes, sometime after 10.30 am on Saturday!

Speak soon!


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