Sunday – March 31 – 11pm – The Condo

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This blog looks very interesting, I think I’ll be putting this on my ‘got to read, not just follow ‘ list…..

Overdue Book Fees

I can’t believe I’ve gone 26 years and 364 days without keeping a journal. I always thought keeping a “diary” was cheesy. With my therapist deciding it would be a great idea to move from the fabulous San Francisco to… ugh, Hawaii. I guess writing in here is an easy alternative to having to research, interview, and hire a new therapist. It’s hard to go from over 4 years of history with one person, to then starting all over again with someone new. Though, if I should die a tragic — yet noble death, and this journal is to be found, I guess I would want the reader (you, yes, you) to know the highlights of my life prior to the pages in this journal.

Highlights prior to my 27th birthday:

  • Graduated from Sacred Heart High School in West University Place, Texas (Houston)
  • Moved west to California for college

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