Morning hair….

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Most mornings I wake up with hair that resembles Beatlejuice! So I am well used to the not so gorgeous look in the mornings. However, this morning even after washing my hair and drying it (in a rush I might add) I popped my Adidas cap on to take Tommy for his morning stroll. I know I know I did consider the ‘hat hair’ scenario but thought ‘bugger it who see’s me in the mornings?’

So merrily off I go, walk achieved with little fuss, other than the 100 mile an hour winds! But hey we got round a bit faster today! Anyway, get home take off hat expecting a right old mullet but NO!  It actually looks alright, a little mumsy but I actually quite like it. Sticks out a bit but yeah…I think the morning hair suits me today.  Makes a blinking change!

I am happy……

……And no…I won’t show you a photo!


5 thoughts on “Morning hair….

  1. Don’t talk to me about morning hair this morning, the hairdresser ruined my hair yesterday… just hope it grows out quickly! Love the new theme for your blog… and the countdown to France!! 😀

    • Hey! haha I am sure it’s not that bad is it? It best not look to bad when I come over otherwise we aren’t going out! lol joking! Thanks I got bored of it yesterday and felt this looked more ‘french’! Yeah i know the countdown is cool! 2 months!

      • Now I have washed, dried and straightened it, it doesn’t look too bad but I’m really annoyed she’s cut a really short layer into one side… it doesn’t match up! 😦

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