Ah it must be 6 am (or thereabouts)

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I normally wake up about this time each and every morning, mainly due to my early morning walk with Tommy but also due to my ever-increasing urge to write.

I’ve recently read a book called ‘The Buddist Bootcamp’ by Timber Hawkeye which is not my normal ‘self improvement’ book but nonetheless it is written to make you think.

The book is about ‘training the mind’ Timber offers an ‘approach to being at peace with the world, both within and around us. His intention is to awaken, enlighten, enrich and inspire’ which certainly does just that.

One of the sections in the book talks about living a simple life, where Timber explains that he gave up his corporate job, gorgeous flat, material things and lifestyle for a life working part-time and having virtually nothing other than the clothes on his back.   Now this might sound awful to you but I think his way of life is far more peaceful than the world we all seem to live in.

Having the ‘material’ things not only causes us stress, because like it or not it’s really about ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ but it makes us look for outside pleasures rather than looking inside ourselves for it.   I mean how many of us dream of working part-time? But would we do without the car to get it? Or do without the 100’s of shoes or handbags? Or take-aways on a Friday night?  I know I would!

That’s where I am in my life, simple is what I am after.  As you all know I have a dream of moving to the country and living off the land (in one form or another). I used to work and live in London a few years ago and all I did was spend my money (which I did earn a lot of) on clothes, going out getting drunk and meaningless stuff.  The only good thing I did was clear off £15,000’s  worth of debt!

I prefer the quiet life these days, I don’t know if its cos I am getting older or because I am trying to find myself. Yes you may laugh but it’s all we are trying to do anyway.  We want to know what and why we are here right?

I for one am excited about my life, the quiet more peaceful life. No more stress and expectation, but a more abundant and dare I say ‘happier’ one.



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