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So I’ve been thinking……actually scrub that!  I have this inner voice inside me, that has been there for a while now which has been telling me something..   But i’ve dismissed it for one reason or another.

It all started with my friend Jo, Jo moved to France a year or so ago.  She’d received some redundancy money after loosing her job, a disastrous year (I won’t go into the details as I am sure she wouldn’t want me to), but had finally had this bit of luck.  I see it as luck, OK being made redundant isn’t much fun, but I see it has a sign, a sign that perhaps what you are doing isn’t what you should be doing.

Anyway I digress…..

So Jo ups and moves to France, and after a year of ups and downs she is now at the point where she wants to move from her 2 bedroom apartment in Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe to her owning her own home in France. She has her beautiful dog and to top it all off her own Virtual Assistance Company. Writers Block Admin Services.

Now for some of you this may sound like a drastic step (actually for most of you), but I was totally in awe of Jo.  What a fantastic and exciting thing to do, shut up shop back home in dreary England and move to a little town in France.  How bloody wonderful!

Over that year or so, I’d tune into Jo’s Facebook updates (well had little choice as Jo is an avid Facebook updater – much like me!) about life in France and love every minute of it. OK it wasn’t all plain sailing, I mean she still struggles with the language, she no longer is with her french boyfriend but she is doing what most of us would only dream of doing!

So what has this got to do with me?

If you know me, which most of my followers don’t.  I’ve moved home in my 38 years on this planet probably about three quarters of that time in and around England. Yep I’ve had approximately 22 addresses and with that probably about 22 jobs!  I’ve never been scared of moving around, scared of starting afresh or trying something new. Some would say it was for the wrong reasons, but I think it was just me trying to find my purpose in life. But instead of looking inward I was looking outward all the time. So I’d quickly make a decision and then act on it without thinking it through – it was like an addiction for me.

Hope you are still with me on this?

So when I found out Jo had recently split with her boyfriend, and funnily enough I have split with mine, it came to me.  Perhaps I should take a look at this French thing?  I’d wanted to move abroad for some time, and my dream has always been to work from home, have a lovely housse in the countryside, with my dog (I didn’t know I’d actually have a dog at that time), a veg patch and chickens…..oh not forgetting the veranda with the rocking chair or two!

So before you think, here’s she goes running away again (not that I care what you think).  This time I’m going to look into it.  I’m booking my holiday with work this week and taking a week off with Tommy and going on a road trip to France!  Stay with Jo and really find out what French living is all about.  You see, I think that’s why I have got my current Job. I work for a great company, where I work from home (that’s another story) and get to be around Tommy.  You see having this job means I can work anywhere!  What a wonderful opportunity,don’t you think?

So I’m off to France in August, wish me luck – Quelle merveilleuse surprise!


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