Clearing the air…

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As I speak I am sat in my blogging chair (well it’s not really mine, it’s my ex boyfriends who will probably rip it away from me when he moves on..sad face) and listening to the thunder and rain outside.

The chair….


View from my chair when its not raining….


Minus the dog, as he is (picture this) squeezed as tightly as he can onto the blogging chair, half over the side and half squished down one side – with me in it! Not sure if its cos he normally sleeps in this chair and is trying to reclaim his property or scared of the thunder!

Anyway I shall continue…

I feel a weight has lifted from me this week and the storm is passing (much like the weather outside). I’ve recently had a few life changing events happen, nothing dramatic or horrible, just some things that needed to be said and changed.

Change is inevitable and the more you run away from it the more it persists and I’m not one for running away, in fact I embrace it sometimes a little too much!  I’ve lived and moved jobs more times than you can imagine, had numerous relationships (hang on there no one is perfect) and still never seem to have found the right one.  But I think these changes and ‘thunder storms’ keep happening because, although these experiences have taught me huge amounts, the universe is trying to get me to where I should be.


I’ve been ‘here’ many a time, reflecting on another failed relationship and what that brings with it (money issues, who has what, losing friends and moving on) but in all honesty I am glad of it.  I forget how free I feel when it’s just me, myself and I.  I am more creative, adventurous and I love my own company.  So why don’t I do this when I am with someone? That’s what I am working out, slowly but surely……..

It might be something to do with what I have been taught or I’ve listened to what the outside world thinks I should be doing rather than listening to that ‘inner squeak’.

Now it’s time to listen and I’m staying put but am keeping open to whatever comes my way cos things are going to be great, maybe not now but soon.

Oh faith is a wonderful thing cos it doesn’t matter how I am going to get there I just know it. I have so many ideas, books to read, people to listen to and talk to.  But mainly I will be looking after me inside and out (oh and Tommy comes with that too, he’s part of the deal).  I think it’s call nuturing the soul.

That starts with a bit of quiet time watching the rain with a snoring dog on my lap!

Speak soon……


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