The inner squeak!

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Yep we’ve all got one, it may not be a squeak like mine but it’s there if you listen hard enough.

You know what I mean, that voice inside telling you something that you already know, that you have known for a day, a week or even years!   You just ignore it, you hope it will stop squeaking but alas it keeps on harping on at you, getting in your face! (sort of)

I’ve probably had this going on for years and it’s not until now I am really (and I mean really) listening to it.  It’s got plans for me, ideas that I think are above my station (or others think and I listen to them –  have done stupidly).  But now I’m finally listening and not just that, I am HEARING what it is saying to me.

It’s time to push the boat out and really do it, I’m no longer scared and I am soooooo very open to the possibilities for probably the first time in my life! Yeah it sounds dramatic that’s cos it is!

Guessed what the squeak is yet? Then you are either not listening or you are too scared to admit that you have the EXACT same thing going on inside.

Don’t worry we’ve all been there….take stock and follow my journey you never know you might be a teeny weeny bit inspired.

I am.


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