One Monday Morning…..

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As you know, this is Tommy he is now 7 months old and a real pleasure to have around. I’ve never owned a dog before as I was brought up with 3 cats so having him has been a HUGE learning curve….still is truth be told!

I walk Tommy at around 5 am each morning mainly because it is quiet so i can walk him for an hour or so with no interruptions or distractions (for him not me!).  Today however was a different matter!

I decided to head over Annes Hill Road this morning and walk him down to Alverstoke and then back round again.  We were doing ok, he normally is a little bit of a struggle at first due to him being half asleep and just feels like being a bit mischevious but normally comes round after about 15 minutes or so.   So it’s say 10 mins into our walk and we are nearing the end of Annes Hill Road when I spot a house (end terrace) with the front porch door open, broken window and the inside door wide open too. I briefly look in and see nothing however I do see a few things knocked over in the porch as if something or someone has rushed in and then out again…..  I walked past and thought it was a bit odd and it crossed my mind on whether I should call 999 or not!  I almost felt a bit stupid as I had not seen anything it was just a hunch.  But I thought, it’s suspicious and if it were my home I’d want someone to ring 999 asap!

At the side of the house was a silver Audi convertible and I thought that someone might be inside asleep. It’s not uncommon to be robbed whilst you are in your bed at night – a terrible thing – so I thought I should ring the Police.

Bearing in mind I had never ever ever done this before and it was pretty hairy!  But I knew exactly what to do, no hesitation at all and I said the right things….did the right things. Like what emergency service? Police.  Exactly where I was, what I was doing, who I was, description of what I saw etc etc. The Lady on the other end was soooo lovely and made me feel NOT stupid for calling.  It was like she was only up the road and knew exactly where I was.  She told me the Police would be there asap, and as I know the station is only 5 mins up the road I knew it would not be long.  Next thing 1 Police car shows up lights on, me running down the street (as I didnt want to be too close to the house just incase) waving saying ‘thats the house’!  ~

A female office ran out of the car and a youngish male…..the female asked the younger office to run a PNC check on the vehicle whilst she went inside shouting POLICE a few times before she got an answer.  She then was shouting at whoever was upstairs to come downstairs now! My first thought, please let whoever it was be ok or that it wasn’t the intruder.  And it wasn’t the owner of the house looked bleary eyed checking his home to see what had been taken….he obviously had not heard a thing! Not sure if that’s more scary than hearing everything!!!!

Anyway, there I was standing there with Tommy who was shaking like a leaf – probably due to me shaking like a leaf!  We waited – only cos I wasn’t sure if they needed to speak to me – and then eventually the officer came over asked if I had noticed anything (which I hadn’t just the open door etc) and then took my details and off we went.

Was very bizzare to say the least! I was glad they got there so fast and everything seemed to be ok…

Just makes you think doesn’t it… sadly it seems you aren’t safe even in your own bed at night sometimes.

Glad I have Tommy he’d bark at even a bird walking along the guttering outside my window I doubt any intruder would get away with breaking in and him not noticing!

So now I don’t feel so silly about getting up at the crack of dawn for my dog walk. It’s funny though cos these kinds of things are usually reported by a ‘man or woman walking their dog’ certainly makes me a lot more vigilant!

P.s one downside though is that when I get up to walk the dog, I just throw clothes on and chuck on a hat!  So this poor Police offer who had to come over to speak to me probably had the full strength of my bad breath!

Anyhow that was my morning, I hope your’s was just as eventful!

Have a good one! 🙂


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