Dreams are made of these…

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So here we I am, it’s Sunday the 2nd June after a whole 8 days reading, walking, writing, sewing (check out Sew Re-Vamped if you fancy a new bag/purse made from recycled materials) and vegetable tending I am back to my day job tomorrow.

It has been a wonderful week off and I would love to carry it on but alas someone’s got to pay the bills! And for now this is what I am doing until that time, and then I get to do what I did last week every day of my life…which is my dream along with chickens and a big house with a veranda like this one…

But for now whilst I work towards it I shall take to growing my vegetables so I thought i’d share the progress in a series of photographs, if you are interested read on!


The greenhouse with Tommy taking an interest! Or rather he is there just in case i drop something he can clean it up for me, with his mouth! (he’ll eat just about anything).  As you can see I have two grow bags full of peppers and tomato’s, all fairly new so not much going on in there!


Now my hanging tomato’s they are a different matter altogether! They have finally started to grow in the pot.  Took a while but as soon as they were put in the greenhouse, bobs your uncle they started to sprout!  I have now transferred half and half into the hanging baskets in my garden so fingers crossed, we suddenly don’t get snow in the next few days they will survive and thrive!


Look at my Rocket!!!! Hahaha bet you don’t hear that often!  Its really coming up a treat, growing so fast I reckon I’ll be having it with quiche soon!  It’s such a wonderful colour and my camera really makes it look delicious….


So what veg is this?  Ok a clue….it’s kinda purple coloured? Yep the beetroot is coming up too. Thriving next to the shallots below:

spring onion 2nd june

And lastly my spring onions they have really come up the last few days, this weather has been great for them plus the rain.  I believe the weather is going to be great the next few days so as I work from home I’ll be keeping an eye on this lot!

Anyway that’s my update so far… I am so pleased with it all to be honest with you.  I can see me filling my garden with another trough and greenhouse soon…..

Ooooh I do love these hazy summer days……..


4 thoughts on “Dreams are made of these…

    • Get one! Did you know that the more colourful your fruit and veg the better it is for you? I might roast it too…

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