Monday’s vegetable news…..

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Firstly i shall introduce Tommy, this is my Patterdale Terrier (nearly 7 months old) he will be seen in and around my gardening blog as he never leaves my side!

So it’s Monday (well I am typing this on Wednesday but didn’t get a chance to do this until today so forgive me)… and I see progress!

All my little seedlings are a wash with growth!  I do believe it is a mixture of the glorious sunshine we have been having, my green fingers! AND……drum roll please…………………..I have been re-planting!! Due to the growth over night I’ve had to remove from one single pots to little ones. I shall explain…


Due to the expansion of my Tomato seedlings I had to re-distribute them into their own pots…..not an easy task when they are so fragile but nether-the-less it was done! All survivors thank goodness as I am not the most patient of people!  I then (quite cleverly if I do say so myself) decided at – to give them a little shade and cover as you never know if you are going to get a frost over night in the UK at the moment! Well it is nearly June!

I don’t ‘currently’ have a greenhouse (I will explain why I have put the word currently in quotes later on) so I came up with an ingenious plan!  As mentioned previously I introduced Tommy, well he is a boy (if you hadn’t guessed by his name) and he recently had an op (down below) and the vet gave me an Elizabethan collar, widely known as the ‘cone of shame’! Bless him, he had to wear if 24-7 for 6 days………never seen him so depressed! Anyway to cut a long story short I used the cone as a make-shift greenhouse check this out!

Recycling is the way forward (check out my page on Facebook I also make bags/accessories out of recycled materials – so I think I have found my new niche!) .  Anyhow it worked a treat by next morning they had grown a few cm’s!!)

With regard to the greenhouse idea I really felt like that this should be my next move.  Now I rent my home and my next door neighbour’s kids like to kick a football which 9 times out of 10 comes flying over, so the greenhouse had to be non-glass! So I took a trip down my local shops to bump into a cracker of a greenhouse at only £14.99!  Yep you get what you pay for! But if you don’t try it how do you know? And if anyone knows me I don’t worry about things going wrong, you just got to give it a go…….

So here it is………. a real beauty don’t you think?!!

This picture DOES make it look very sturdy and upright – which it isn’t but it will do me!  I’ve already planted my tomato’s in the grow bag just a few more days I can then re-plant my peppers and get my hanging basket Tomato’s on the go!

Now to the trough…… lovely sturdy trough…

My rocket seeds are doing brilliantly! Check these out!

Also my beetroot is starting to come up and the shallots are growing…but I won’t post that today…….knew pics and updates coming soon I promise!

So all in all Monday was a good day, we had lots of delicious rain yesterday and you should see this lot now!!!

Can’t wait to show you!

Thanks for checking in and keep smiling 🙂

Until next time vegetable thinkers……..


The Vegetable Beginnings!

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It was my birthday this week, May 21st and I turned the ripe old age of 38! Not very old at all but old enough to decide that I wanted to start growing my own vegetables. Plus I have just recently split with my boyfriend so I have a new lease of life! (but don’t tell him that!)

I used to do it as a kid, but you play at it then and get bored very quickly.  So when my mum asked me what I wanted for birthday I said ‘chip in on a vegetable trough’ which she gladly agreed to (I get my green fingers from her you see!).

Ta da! My Vegetable Trough (which arrive two weeks ago so I could get started asap – not one for waiting you see!)


A quick visit to Homebase and bobs your uncle I come out beeming with my purchase of vegetables and compost (suitable for growing veg) and began the momentous task of sowing my seedlings which included:

  • Tomatoes & hanging basked ones (these are grown in pots to start off)
  • Rocket – Trough
  • Shallots – Trough
  • Beetroot – Trough
  • Rocket – Trough
  • Garlic – Trough
  • Spring Onions – Trough
  • Peppers – (sewn inside)
  • Hot Peppers – (sewn inside)

And there you have it all planted and sewn as per the instructions whilst my Patterdale Terrier Tommy watches on, with the odd jump up and grabbing of the trowel out of my hand kind of antics! (well he is only 6 months old bless him) – little git!

Today 2 weeks later and my seedlings are no longer seeds but little sprowters! Check these little babies out!


Cress – oh i forgot Cress sorry about that!

Peppers (hot ones)

And the Pièce de résistance… drum roll please! My first sprowter’s in my trough. The Rocket! Wooop woop! This for some reason gives me most pleasure……. 🙂


So this is where I am at on the 24th May at 7.45am (why am I up this early on my day off? Blame the doggie!!)

I am really excited at watching my veggies grow and hope you will join me on this journey, I am no expert at this malarky but my enthusiasm outweighs my expertise!  I’ve always dreamed of a house in the country with some chickens, a dog and my own home grown food…… oh and I’d love a house with veranda with a rocking chair or two……….yep that’s me all sewn up 🙂

Till next time my little green-fingered friends……….